Welcome!  Larry Rogers, ACHT is a Counselor and Trainer with a private practice in Portland, OR.

Comments from seminar participants and clients.

"I cannot stress how much your seminar was a catalyst for positive change in my life...it saved my marriage which I did not believe possible. Something miraculous happened while I was there and that shift came through in our relationship as soon as I returned home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!"

"Many forms of learning were utilized in a safe respectful and nurturing environment, allowing each of us to share our thoughts and feelings. I am especially impressed with Larry's honesty and humility."

"What an excellent seminar! Larry is a sensitive and insightful teacher."

"Cynicism and anger had been with me almost since I could remember – as much a part of me as my skin. It wasn’t until a multi-day seminar with Larry that I came to discover a path through these self-destructive traits. Larry is blessed with exceptional empathy, energy, and a warm sense of humor. Using well-honed listening skills and a range of powerful techniques, he helped me uncover old pain and de-fuse my tenacious defensive mechanisms. More than anyone else, Larry has helped me find my heart’s voice."

"Larry is truly exceptional for his skill and depth of caring, both of which he uses to gently but persistently help me face the parts of me that I want to heal - and heal them. In both workshops and individual sessions, Larry has earned my complete confidence as someone who can guide me toward the better life I'm building."

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