I strive to meet my clients, individuals and couples, where they are at, addressing their specific issues and goals using a wide range of skills and training. I work to create a trusting, safe, healing relationship that helps people open to their healing process. Moving into awareness and beyond into healing. My approach is fairly dynamic in many different ways.

Mind Body Spirit

Working both with the conscious and unconscious mind, as well as our associated and disassociated body states. Unlocking untapped parts of ourselves creates powerful and efficient ways of achieving change that we want for ourselves. Going into the unconscious allows us to quickly discover what is being missed and to pinpoint where healing will be most effective. Our unconscious mind is a powerful window into how and why we make decisions, where our choices come from, and why we take certain courses of action. This in turn allows us to become more present to ourselves, our bodies and the world around us while enhancing our immune system. A Holistic healing path that includes mind, body and spirit is very powerful. One of the paths I use to achieve this is through the use of Heart Centered Hypnotherapy..


Awareness of who I am, my values and beliefs allows me to enhance all of my relationships. Working through fear, shame and guilt, abuse and trauma (sexual, physical, emotional and other), depression, feelings of alienation, frustration, anger and rage, addictions (food, drug, alcohol, sex), sexual orientation, commitment issues, abandonment issues, self-esteem, oppression and discrimination.

Hypnosis and related modalities are a fast and efficient way to get down to the "cause" of problems. It also is the way for the person to re-connect with the dissociated emotions and the disowned parts of themselves. Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful ways to really reach and heal that lonely, fearful or abandoned inner child. Knowing how to hold that part of ourself safe and empowered enables the adult to step into their goals and dreams.

Couples Counseling

The dynamics that come to play are the combination of what each individual brings to the relationship. The fears, dreams, blockages, etc. play out in each of our relationships. Learning to come from the best part of ourselves when interacting with our partner. While not losing myself holding my partners goals as dear as my own. Learning that relationship are designed to help all of us grow. I help couples understand what is happening, the "why" at a deep level and what to do about it with both skill building and emotional healing.


The Heart Centered approach is an active visceral experience of healing. Using Gestalt, Release Therapies, NLP, subtle energy work and more. I also offer a range of seminars where group work is available.


I strive to know and to experience as much as possible across the soundest science, counseling, humanities, subtle energies, and traditional wisdom fields. I am a counselor and trainer with over 15 years experience working with both individuals and couples and teaching a variety of personal growth workshops including: Mind Body Spirit healing, Leadership, Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI levels I & II), Healing Relationships, Mindfulness and Living your Dreams. I have certifications in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Release Therapy, Breathwork and Energetic Psychodrama, NLP, Gestalt, Hypno-Behavioral Therapy and cathartic energy work. I have 11 years studying at the Wellness Institute in Issaquah, WA. I have taken multiple Relationship certification trainings with Dr. John Gottman, Dr. David Schnarch and others.

Before becoming a counselor I spent many years gaining "real world" experience as an engineer (traveling the world for International GE), working as a consulting engineer, engineering sales, VP of Sales and later President of a hi-tech software company. I have lived in, traveled to and studied many cultures worldwide.

I find joy and inspiration in doing this work. All the photos on this site are mine.