Larry Rogers, ACHT is a counselor in private practice certified in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Release Therapy, Breath Therapy, Interactive Guided Imagery, Voice Dialogue, NLP, Energetic Psychodrama among others. For more than 18 years he has been creating a safe compassionate environment in which individuals, couples, families and groups open up, grow and transform.

Larry has a sincere desire to help others to heal and grow. He works with people in many areas such as anger management, sexual abuse, addictions, self esteem, depression, self worth, guilt, shame and anxiety, as well as with couples and group dynamics and systems. He is open and honest as he encourages his clients to explore their own unique histories with compassion, guiding them through the healing process. He is flexible and draws on a broad base of healing disciplines believing that one process does not work for all. Larry is respectful of and honors each person’s unique process, ethics, talents and abilities in ways to give them the strength and desire to move forward.

In addition to his private practice, Larry has been developing and facilitating a wide range of trainings and seminars since 1988.  He enjoys producing group, couples and one on one learning, empowering, self discovery, and growth opportunities.  His approach is a holistic one tapping into all of the Mind, Body and Spirit that is present and available in each moment.

Larry started teaching seminars at Breitenbush Hot Springs in 2001. Breitenbush Hot Springs is a 75 year old center for consciousness set in an old growth forest surrounded by natural Hot Springs in central Oregon.  The center is a great setting for people to grow in unimagined ways!

In 1984 Larry began his own personal healing journey attending his first seminar.  In 1985 he continued this personal journey while studying mind-body healing under masters such as Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, M. D., Ram Dass, Stephen Levine, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Christiane Northrup, M. D., Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. William Emerson and others. Larry incorporates many spiritual traditions into his healing practice as well as into his daily life.

Since then he has studied under masters such as Dr. John Gottman, Dr. David Schnarch both couples counseling experts.  He has 10 years of in depth ongoing Clinical Hypnotherapy, Release Therapy, Breath Therapy and Energetic Psychodrama at the Wellness Institute in Issaquah Washington.  The Wellness Institute works to help traditional counselors become transformational healers using the latest Heart Centered technologies available.

Before becoming a counselor in 1997 he did computer engineering (working internationally for 10 years). Later Larry worked in sales and marketing positions and was the original President and Co-Founder of Axian, Inc. a successful engineering software company. Larry's leadership style was to attract professionals who wanted balance in their lives. Treating employees with respect and integrity while listening to their values and goals and working with them to maintain that balance. All while providing customers with significant value and service.

Larry has personal experience with and understands life transitions. He uses his own life experiences, his technical expertise and on-going training to understand the workings of the human mind and human behaviors, incorporating different disciplines into a healing practice that honors each individual.  Part of this process has been fed by having lived in and traveled to many different countries.  Understanding different cultures has helped him to understand what it is to be a human being in all of its many diversities. He loves international travel and is an avid and creative photographer.

Contact Larry Rogers at 503-781-6542 or by email.

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