Mind, Body and Spirit Healing: Taking Time for Yourself

Presented By Larry Rogers, ACHT

October 20 - 23, 2019
, at Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR

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This seminar starts Sunday at dinner (all meals are included), ends Wednesday afternoon.

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Breitenbush is a wonderful healing environment natural, safe, nurturing, peaceful, reflective, free of distractions. Imagine taking care of yourself, being empowered by the trees and soothed by the breeze while making a big next step in your personal growth.

Whether you are just beginning, want to take your next step, are currently in a crisis or want to understand yourself more come for emotional and physical (body image, body issues, shock, dissociation and other somatic issues) healing and renewal through powerful Heart Centered processes.  Stepping off the rescuer, victim and persecutor triangle assists you to open to healthier emotional understanding and expression, clarity, spirit, vision and inner peace.  Neutralizing your past traumas, hurts and fears, while releasing anger, shame, guilt and hopelessness, frees your energy for your goals and passions, allows you to reenter your world stronger, more grounded and energized with a renewed acceptance and love for yourself.
Experiential explorations will include meditation, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™, living your dreams, guided imagery, stress reduction, breathwork and clearings. As we understand how our unique belief system can work for us we release grief, fear, pain, guilt, anger and hopelessness. Uncovering childhood decisions, we learn how they affect our bodies as adults and learn ways to make new healing decisions. You will take home tools adapted to your personal uniqueness to help heal the body, soothe the mind and lift the spirit! Examples of specific tools and processes that will be presented and used:

   • Emotional Healing, understanding and dealing with emotional triggers.
   • Clearing Emotional Blockages through experiential processes.
   • Relaxation response, what it is and how to use it everyday everywhere.
   • Shock and Trauma, what it is, what it looks like and how to heal it.
   • Group processes, tools and learning to make you more effective in all of
      your relationships.
   • Modern Brain Science, learning about it and using it to accelerate healing.
   • Disease metaphors, what are they and how to work with them.
   • Find specific disease markers and learn what they teach us about healing.
   • Subtle body energy work going deep within, coming home to myself, coming
      home to my own body.
   • Meditation, a path to deep relaxation and inner peace.
   • Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™, includes traditional hypnosis, NLP, Gestalt,
      Hypno-Behavioral Therapy and cathartic energy work.
   • The Healing Power of living your dreams.
   • Neutralizing fear where appropriate.
   • The Healing Power of letting go of fear and shame.
   • Understanding and releasing anger.
   • Using your personal spiritual connection as you define it as a path to healing.
   • Breath Therapy, this is a form of deep emotional integration.
   • Journaling, gaining therapeutic and physical healing.
   • Stories that will stay with you on your healing path will also be shared.

This seminar will be mostly experiential in nature with handouts provided. There will be some didactic content also.

Larry Rogers is a counselor in private practice with certifications in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Release Therapy, Breathwork and Energetic Psychodrama. He incorporates many Mind Body and Spiritual Traditions into his daily life and counseling practice. Larry has more than 14 years experience facilitating a wide range of seminars. He has studied directly with some of the world's most informed Mind, Body and Spirit Healing Teachers including:

   • William R Emerson, PH D, Birth, Shock and Trauma Psychology and Health
   • Joan Borysenko, MD, with three post doctorate degrees in Immunology from Harvard
      Medical School, prolific author.
   • Christianne Northrop, MD, author of one of the original Mind Body Healing books
      and many others.
   • Bernie Segal, MD prolific author and early Mind Body pioneer.
   • Guided Imagery Foundation.
   • Dr. Wayne Dyer, prolific author, motivational speaker and Mind, Body & Spirit Healer.
   • Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, MD, author of "On Death and Dying" and many other books.
   • Dr. Larry LeShan, author of "Cancer as a Turning Point", how Physchology
      informs the healing of disease, the power of living your dreams.
   • Dr. Jean Houston, prolific author and Mind, Body and Spirit Healer.
   • Louise Hay, author of the classic "You Can Heal Your Life" and many more.
   • Larry has also studied and assisted at the Wellness Institute for 14 years.

Larry uses these tools and practices in his own healing journey. He has lived in, traveled to and studied many cultures worldwide.

Please contact Larry Rogers at 503-781-6542 or click [larry@larryrogers.com] for more information and registration.